Sign Permit Information

If you are looking to put up outdoor business signs, chances are you will need a sign permit.

We will be able to take care of the paper work to make sure that you are following sign regulations and can make the sign permit process go smoothly.

This is so you do not get a fine. If the sign inspector realizes that you do not have a permit for your sign they can fine you and have it taken down at your cost. This is why you need to have a professional prepare your sign permit. We know which drawings and documents are required for your corporate business signs.

It is also a good idea to make sure your company is in a property zoned area. Most sign permits will go through quite easily is they are in a retail, corporate and/or industrial zoned area. If the sign permit does not fit the parameters of the sign
permit , a sign variance may be required.

A sign variance is an approval for a sign that does not fit the set sign permit requirements. In other words it varies from the sign permit regulations. This process often requires approval from a sign variance committee. This is why it is important to have a professional prepare your sign permit who is familiar with the sign permit regulations.

Here at Bolt Signs we strive on making our clients happy and making the whole experience of creating your business signs go smoothly.

Mobile Sign Information

Studies show that advertsing works, and that it is closely tied with the creative concept in which it is executed. It is found that one single concept is the most effective, be it humor, or aesthetic appeal; greatly adds to the effectiveness of your campaign, Bold text, large clear pictures and straightforward messages are the way to a powerful advertisement.

Mobile Signs are a convenient, inexpensive way to effectively advertise your business, community centre or school. Try one today! Roadside signs work! How well they work is dependant on the size of font and visibility. Let us show you how to increase your customer base. Let our advertising experts design a mobile sign that will attract attention and speak to new customers. Our fluorescent red and yellow letters have a deep and rich colour and are the most effective colours to the naked eye.

Find our Contact Information HERE to place your order or if you have any questions

Portable Mobile Signs are a very popular product/service that we offer. Mobile Signs are the perfect piece of advertisment that a business can provide for their customers to send them that quick message. That message of a sale, a new product, even a store opening. Mobile Signs are meant for that quick impression for when customers drive by.

Our most popular mobile sign is our Black Portable Mobile Signs. Listed below are some qualities it can provide:

Traffic exceeding 70 kmh or 40 mph will be able to read

  • The vibrant lettering on the black sign makes them stand out
  • Great legibility
  • Letters made in house by Bolt
  • Inexpensive way of advertising
  • Easy set up
  • Impactful to new customers
  • Adjustable legs & anchor system
  • Signs available in a variety of sizes
  • Available letters in a variety of sizes
  • Available letter colours - Fluorescent Red, Yellow and White
  • Symbols, numbers and wording also available
  • See more photos of our mobile signs in our Portfolio!
Bolt Signs
Bolt Signs
  • Easy set up
  • Adjustable legs & anchor system
  • Signs available in a variety of sizes
  • Available letters in a variety of sizes
  • Available letter colours - Red and Black
  • Symbols, numbers also available
  • See more photos of our mobile signs in our Portfolio!

Mobile Sign Lettering

We want to help you in any way that we can!
Depending on which sign you choose to rent here is some information you may need to consider for wording.

Our Red, Yellow and White letters are the most effective colours to view on our black mobile signs with the naked eye.

Black Sign Letters - Available in WHITE, FLUORESCENT RED and YELLOW - Various Sizing

White Sign Letters - Available in RED, BLACK - Ask about our custom colours

Symbols, Numbers and Wording - Available in WHITE, FLUORESCENT RED and YELLOW - Various Sizing (inquire about)

Vehicle Wraps

Did you know that the average delivery truck makes 16 million visual impressions in one year according to the American Trucking Association? Let BOLT Signs use full colour digital graphics and turn your vehicle into a “moving billboard” exposing your business to a greater number of potential customers.

We use full colour digital graphics and wide format prints allowing businesses to wrap entire vehicles. Vehicle wraps make efficient use of all available space on the vehicles surface, including windows if you would like, making a strong statement on glass while maintaining visibility for the driver (Perforated Vinyl). We can also produce a half vehicle wrap which is covering the surfaces the client would like to see covered, not necessarily the whole vehicle. Reflective pieces will also give instant visibility around the clock.
A graphic covering the entire side/panels on the truck or van will act as a moving billboard advertising our business.

Bolt Signs

View more examples of Vehicle Wraps in Our Portfolio


If a moving billboard on wheels wasn't enough for you, take it to the sky and water. Yes, We create and install for Boats and Aircrafts! Have us apply registration numbers, lettering and custom graphics for your choice of transportation. We will create the full colour graphics y ou are looking for, for any surface you bring to us. All your vehicle types are our canvas to create beautiful artwork.

Bolt Signs


Our Decals are “Ready-to-apply” letters, pictures or logos customized to the clients specific measurements and specification. These decals can be applied to any smooth surface including doors, windows, etc. If our clients do not feel comfortable applying the decals themselves by following our instruction printout we will be happy to install it for them.


If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent graphic or you use your personal vehicle for business use and don’t want to advertise after hours, choose a magnetic sign for temporary application. “Auto Mags” can match the colour of your vehicle so no will even know its temporary.

Architectural Sign Information

Architectural Signs can greatly enhance the look and image of your property or business site. We offer a variety of attractive and lasting architectural sign solutions that can incorporate your logo, colours and graphics in a professional and visually pleasing manner. They are suitable for any wall surface (indoor and outdoor); they are also durable and highly visible. Monument signs, channel lettering and special fabricated signs identify a property and reinforce the image, made from materials such as acrylic, wood, foam, plastic and a variety of metals.

Bolt Signs

Channel Letters

Standard Channel Letters

A standard channel letter is a 3 dimensional graphic sign element. Its channel is fabricated from sheet metal, most often aluminum since it will not rust. The letter can be painted and fitted with lighting components specifically LED modules. A translucent plastic face is cut to fit the open face of the letter.
When illuminated at night, channel letters draw the eye of customers passing by.

Reverse lit channel letter

In this letter type, the face of the letter is constructed from aluminum and the lighting is directed to the back. This light floods the wall that the letter is mounted to at night. Letters in this style are also called halo letters. These letters advertise your business 24-7 for potential customers.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are the large sign structures that anchors a business or marks the entry into a subdivision. They reflect on your business & can be influential in drawing customers into your business. There are a bunch of styles from sleek, corporate looking, outdoorsy styles and more. Whether you are looking for an Architectural Accent, Integrated LED Message Center, Pole Sign or a Regular Monument, We will suit all your monument needs. Monument SIgns can be themed to match your building, incorporating brick, stone, wood, stucco, aluminum and more. Monument Signs are a 100% foamcore monument structures and are created by combining high quality materials with exclusive Poly-Armor hard coat to provide you with a superior product.

Qualities of Monument Signs:

  • They are easy to install
  • Versatile and long lasting
  • Precision cut and hard coated
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Custom made
  • A variety of colour and design options
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Half the cost of dimensional panels
  • No messy adhesives
  • Will not rot, rust, deteriorate, peel, crack or blister
  • Resistant to rot, termites and moisture
  • Letters are built into the sign so they will not fall off

Download Colour Chart

Bolt Signs

Site Signs

Ideal for commercial businesses, real estate, and construction sites. Large site signs provide information on availability, your services, property for sale or a building project. Use Site Signs to put your “signature” on a jobsite to show off the property before and after construction has been completed. These high impact and visible signs draw attention to the message and information provided.

View more examples of Site Signs in Our Portfolio

Bolt Signs
Bolt Signs

Banners & Displays

Grand Openings, Special Events, Golf Tournaments, Sales, Special Announcements, Product Promotions, etc. are all easily noticed using a banner which enhances the visual impact by using eye-catching designs and custom graphics, whether its for temporary use or longlasting promotional solutions (both indoor and outdoor signage). They provide a flexible, portable and affordable way to put your message in many areas. They can be very simple or very sophisticated, and can incorporate graphics,colour and logos. Our expert installers at BOLT will ensure that your banners are installed properly for longer use. Depending on your message and design, banners are very versatile where they can be displayed horizontally, vertically, indoors or out and easily relocated. Each banner no matter the size is designed using eye catching images for indoor or outdoor use.

Bolt Signs

Value Enhancing on your Banner

There are several ways you can increase the value and effectiveness of your banner:

  • Adding a border
  • Using additional lettering colours
  • Adding a photo
  • Adding a logo
  • Using a graphic symbol
  • Utilizing unusual shapes or design

Installation and Care
While in production, grommets will be placed in all four corners. These are used to hang and secure the banners tight. Depending on the size of the banner grommets will be spaced out evenly on the top and bottle for extra security.
To prevent more damage happening to your banner when storing it, you should always roll the banner with the graphics facing out. NEVER fold you banner, will cause creasing.

Display Kits

Displays are a lightweight, versatile modular system that can be used to create an infinite variety of exhibits, from simple counters and back walls to elaborate towers and enclosures. These systems come in a standard aluminum finish with different powdercoats in available colours. Displays are an excellent choice for adding custom touches to any exhibit and are compatible with most other similar systems. These modular systems are cost effective, can be easily reconfigured and expanded as exhibits need to grow or change. These systems assemble quickly and efficiently with only a Torx wrench.

There are a variety of options, ranging from an individual modular system to a combination of elements.

Visit our Display Site to meet all your Display Needs from table stands, pylons, wall frames, suspended signs and more.

See some different looks below or create your own creative look!

Any questions about different sizes and styles please contact us HERE

Fabric Structures

When seeking ways to gain high visibility in a tradeshow venue, a hanging overhead sign is a great choice. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes in an endless range of colours with your choice of graphics.

Keep it high to catch the eye!!

Bolt Signs

Get Noticed

Bolt Signs

Counters, Kiosks & Point-of-Sale Displays

Custom counters, kiosks and point-of-sale displays.
They come in pre-designed kits to modular custom units.
These units are lightweight, durable and easy to transport.
With an endless selection of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes, we can offer a display to fit perfectly into any setting of your choice.

Bolt Signs

Pop-Up, Portable & Table Top Displays

Pop-Up displays and table top displays are portable, lightweight, quick and easy to assemble. They can be used as stand-alone displays at meetings, presentations or easily integrated with larger exhibits.

Bolt Signs

Illuminating Signs

They may be the most important sign of your business.

Bolt Signs

Edge-lit signs are a unique and elegant way for illuminating signs to convey a message by attracting clients attention and promoting your business. Graphics placed on light boxes are ideal for environments with frequent message changes. Illuminating Signs will draw the eyes of potential customers and are easily visible 24/7.

Illuminating signs come in a variety of styles. You can choose from Light Boxes to LED lit signs,all of which create an impactful impression.

Interior and Directional Signs

Colourful logos and graphics at your place of business encouragea purchase decision, direct attention and improves message retention.
Whether you're trying to design a trade show booth or brighten up your workspace, BOLT Signs is the #1 provider of visible and effective indoor signage. When it comes to indoor signage, We will meet and exceed your needs.

For more information click here.

Bolt Signs

Window & Wall Graphics


Colourful graphics on windows and walls can really make your business stand out from the compitition. They can also provide a completed look for your business and tie it all together. Window Graphics can come in a solid form or come in perforated vinyl form (which will allow you to view outside and get sun light in but you will not be able to view in from outside). Displaying these graphics on your business
wall or window you will draw the eyes of potention customers and have customers promote your company to others because the raphics will make such an impression.

View examples of Window and Wall Graphics in Our Portfolio

Labels & Decals

We can put a company name, logo or message on almost any surface, Just ask!

Whether its a construction vehicle, storage box or your motorcycle helmet, we can create decals in various sizes, shapes and colour, and in small or large quantities.

Have any questions about What we can and cannot apply to? contact us HERE

Business Cards

Bolt Signs

Get your Business Cards printed by BOLT Signs

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to create your business identity.

Choose colours, fonts, design, information, placement, and add personalized images.

The card is your canvas.