How to

Applying Vinyl

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Do's and Don'ts Cleaning Vehicle Vinyl

The Do’s

  • Wash applied vinyl graphics with a blend of mild car wash detergent and clean water.
  • Test any cleaning solution on a small section of the vinyl graphic before using.
  • Always read the warning labels on car care products for proper safety instructions.
  • Once you’ve washed the vehicle with soapy water blend, rinse with clean water
  • Either let the vehicle air dry or dry off with a microfiber cloth.

The Don’ts

  • Do not allow fuels to stay in contact with the vinyl for extended periods of time. Clean all spills as soon as possible.
  • Do not apply carnauba-based wax over vinyl graphics.
  • Do not use mechanical brush washing. Brushes can cause vinyl graphics to chip or peel around the edges or scratch the surface. They can also cause the graphic to fade, and dull the appearance of the over laminate.

How to properly hand wash vinyl vehicle graphic

  • Rinse the graphic with water to wash away any loose sediments, dust, or dirt using your garden hose with spray nozzle attachment.
  • Mix together water and mild car wash detergent into your bucket. (make sure ther bucket is free of dirt and small rocks as these will scratch your car and or vinyl graphics.
  • Soak your sponge with the water and soap mixture.
  • Clean the graphic starting from the top working down to the bottom. This will allow the dirty contaminated water to run downward.
  • Rinse the graphic with clean water using the hose with spray nozzle attachment.
  • Once the graphic is rinsed off with water allow it to air dry. You may also use a microfiber cloth to dry down the graphic.
  • Once dry, for added protection, you may apply a silicone or teflon based polish designed for vinyl vehicle graphics.

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Colour Combination

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Effective Signs Design

Adding full colour graphics to
your design creates the highest
awareness of all sign categories.

Adding a border and graphics to
your design will add visual interest
- and also adding colour will increase
the viewers retention by 78%

Adding a border to the design
will increase the time viewers read
your advertisment by 26% faster

Signage builds awareness through
low-costs using the bare minimum
and relying on your other
advertising medias

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Viewing distance is a primary
factor. Your sign’s lettering
must stand out from its
surrounding area

The reader’s ability to correctly
read the message is improved
by the design that provide
distinction of each individual letter

The characteristics of the sign that
draws each reader’s attention. This
is achieved by changing its colour,
messege, size or shape.


The characteristics of the letters
that make them individual from
one another. This is achieved by
choosing the right typestyles and
spacing properly

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Letter Visibility Chart

The following chart is for reference only. Actual legibility distance can
vary greatly due to a variety of factors, including colour combination.

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What is a Sign?

A sign is the most direct form of visual communication and the only form of mass communication directly available to everyone.

What Signs can do for your Business?

Signs perform three major communication functions for your business: they give information and direction, provide a formate for street advertising , and build your image. Signs can correct a poor location by substituting effective communication for poor site characteristics. If your business is located on a site which is not visible or in a building which does not correspond with the good and services offered, your sign can overcome this disability. Without an effective sign it is often impossible to determine what type of business is being conducted in a given building. Your sign becomes your main device for directing people to your business.

What are you trying to Say?

Decide on a message that is clear and simple.
Focus on key words.
Be brief. The cleaner and clearer the message, the more impact is has.

What image are you trying to Portray?

The design of your sign is very important. Your sign tells people a lot about your business.
Physical elements of a sign to consider: the size, placement, material and structure.
Graphics elements of design to consider: layout of message, colours, lettering, shape, shape, symbolism, harmony, and daytime verus night-time lighting conditions
Legibility is important for a good design. Which means that the lettersor characters on the sign are distinct from one another. Some colour combinations of background and letters give excellent legibility while others are very poor. View our Legibility chart and Colour chart to see if your sign will be impactful to your customers.